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Candy Cookies – Make These Tonight

With as much as I am a sugar addict... I know when there is too much in my house. I also know I have to get it out as quickly as possible. This candy has become a problem. The kids ask for it everyday, I eat it everyday... and somehow it hasn't made a dent… Continue reading Candy Cookies – Make These Tonight

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How We Halloween

I'll be completely transparent with you. I start planning for Halloween as soon as 4th of July passes. I know for some that is way too early to start thinking about the end of October, but for me it can't come soon enough. I'm totally in love with all things fall. It's absolutely my favorite… Continue reading How We Halloween

super simple cornflakes cookies

Super Simple Cornflake Almond Butter Lunchbox Cookies

Looking for a super simple new recipe to include in your kiddos lunchbox? Then here you go. Seriously ANYONE can make these. It's almost the same way you would make rice krispy treats except for completely different ingredients and a completely different flavor. Although, you could make these with peanut butter... almond butter has such… Continue reading Super Simple Cornflake Almond Butter Lunchbox Cookies

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Key to Our Success – Teacher Appreciation

It's the start of the school year, and what that means for me is nonstop projects. I've taken charge of the TAPs program at my school. That stands for Teachers as Parents. It is just like a separate branch of PTO.     Since teachers are usually working during school events, it is another way… Continue reading Key to Our Success – Teacher Appreciation