Pottery Barn Driftwood Mirror
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I had to have it…

I was out shopping today and had a moment…I don’t know how to describe it, but I was taken over.

For over a year I have been visiting a mirror at Pottery Barn. Randomly I check back to see if they have it, see if the price has gone down…just visit it and imagine where in my house I would put it. I’m not sure why I am so in love with it…I just think it has a story to tell. I could never bring myself to buy it. The price tag of $199  was a bit much for me…just for a mirror, no matter how much I loved it.


But then today…from across the store at TJ Maxx…I thought I saw it. I mad a b-line, worried that someone was going to swoop in and grab it just before I got there. I felt like I was about to break into a dead sprint, I was blinded for a moment and could see nothing else.

As soon as I got to it, I grabbed it. I was scared that it was going to have a defect or damage somewhere. This was the only one, it had to be perfect. I looked down and couldn’t believe it was…

It isn’t exactly the same…but I think I like this shape more. Plus the $49 dollar price had me! Yep, only $49…I can totally do that.

I was glowing as I left the store and had two, yep two ladies comment on how much they liked it. I guess today I was a Maxxanista… 🙂


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