Halloween in Coming… Wahoo…


Years ago my grandfather made a doll shadow box for me, in the shape of a house. I had it in my room for quite a while but after I outgrew it I always felt that I should keep it. After making my parents store it for almost 20 years now, I finally came up with what to do with it. No, it was not always black. It had been just a natural light wood but was painted to go with my Halloween idea.

I also cut out a piece of black board to go on the back of it. You can see in the picture where I marked the outline of the rooms so I knew what parts needed to be decorated. I also picked up these scrap booking supplies to add detail. I LOVE Halloween scraping supplies and any reason to buy them is good enough for me.


These are the items each kit contained. You can never really tell just by looking at the outside packaging.


Using these were much easier than making my own. 🙂


I cut out scrapbook paper to fill in each “room” in my shadow box.


Using Modge Podge I attached the chip board pieces and paper.


Here is the final product. I started filling it with little Halloween decorations I already had. I have added more since taking this picture. My husband asked if I was going to do a Christmas themed house too. I just might because I can easily remove the board from the back. It just depends on my other holiday projects.





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