Pumpkin Cookies
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I’ve Added Pumpkin to My Kitchen

It’s the time of year that everything has pumpkin in it. Everywhere I go it’s Pumpkin muffins or cookies or coffees…I even have a Pumpkin Spice flavored icing mix (I’ll do a follow up post when I actually try it).

I saw this mix at Home Goods in the middle of their seasonal food items. Side note: I love Home Goods. I always find things that I simply MUST have while I am there. 🙂 I picked this mix up there. I don’t remember how much it was, I know it was under $4 or $5.  I just followed the directions on the back of the bag. I only had to add butter and eggs. This is super easy for anyone to do and something you could easily have your kids mix together and help with. It was a one bowl recipe.

It said it should make 24 cookies but I guess I always make my cookies too big. 😉 I have found the best way for me to portion my cookies is with a tiny ice cream scoop.

One strange thing that happened is that my oven was smoking almost like I had burned the cookies. I even yelled at my husband as they were coming out that they were going in the trash. It was so odd because as soon as they cooled and I looked at them it was like nothing had happened and they were baked perfectly.

They were pumpkin cookies but an earthy pumpkin, not a sweet pumpkin. They seemed to be a little dry….but don’t worry, we ate them all.  😉 They aren’t bad but I would opt for a different pumpkin mix next time.


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