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Hucklebaby’s Favorite Christmas Toy (3 months)


I looked at this toy forever. Every time we went to Target I would go to the B. isle. That’s what I called it anyway. I love the look of their toys, and can’t explain why. I think they are great for either boys or girls (gender neutral)…they don’t look generic to me, like so many other baby and kids toys. I always buy B. toys over Fisher Price or Bright Starts if I can. Target is the only store around me that has them. Amazon has them too, but Amazon has everything. 🙂

I would spin this thing so many times but never understood why it would be a good baby toy. We purchased other B. toys. They keys, bath blocks, toy cars and the big wooden block for Hucklebaby’s room that has different activities. These all have official names but that means I would have to look them up. I’m sure if you were at the store you would easily find the ones I’m mentioning. Anyway…I’m getting sidetracked.

This toy is simply wonderful and now that Santa surprised us with it, I wish we would have gotten it sooner. If Hucklebaby is happy he loves watching it while it spins. If he is unhappy it takes him out of crying while he tries to figure it out.


Of course, he is too young to spin it himself but will sit forever just watching it while I do it. It is a great distractor in the car when we have been on adventures that seemed a little too long for him. Sure it is a little noisy but I’ll take that any day over him crying. (Let me mention, this is when I am sitting beside him and NOT driving.)

I’m not sure if he likes the noise more or the colors that spin around but whatever it is I’m glad we have it now. It might even make it onto my toy favorites. 🙂 If you were in doubt about this toy just go ahead and get it… and no this is not a sponsored post. I just love their toys.

Do you have a favorite B. toy? Check out the other products they have here.


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