Caprese Tomato Soup – The Easy Edition


I LOVE Caprese salad. I would eat it every night if I could. Wait…I’m an adult now…I can eat it everynight. Insert evil laugh here….. I digress. Once I saw this post on Heather Cristo Cooks I knew I needed to make it. So she really goes above and beyond with her ingredients. Home made pesto? Nope…straight from the jar with mine. Homemade Tomato Basil Soup. Yep, right from the Campbell’s Kitchen. Yes, I took all of the short cuts. Shame on me… it was so easy though. 

Step 1: pesto on bread…done.

Step 2: soup in bowls.

Step 3: bread on top of soup.

Step 4: cheese on bread.

Step 5: broil until the cheese melts and bread is toasty…just watch it until it looks like what you want.

Step 6 : EAT








Although I’m sure a better side dish would be some sort of green veggie, my hubbie wanted home-fries with Frank’s Hot Sauce.

It was super easy and super yummy. You can check out the original recipe for all of the “professional” tid-bits but this is exactly what I did. I picked out the soup, bread and cheese I liked…threw it all together and this is what happened. A magical, tasty 15 minute dinner.




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