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We are very British today.

I love the Royals. I think I got that from my mom or Grandmother. I have a Princess Di doll packed away from when I was a child. I remember my mom telling me stories about waking up to watch Charles and Diana’s wedding. I will probably tell the same stories about me waking up and sitting in a dark living room all alone to watch Prince William and Kate. I just love it all. Yes, there were tears involved. Now there is Baby George.

I can still pass on my Royals excitement to my little Hucklebaby.


How adorable is this book? It’s so shiny and new looking. It’s about a Diaper Nanny. Or as the Brit’s say a Nappy Nanny. It tells the history of the Nappy Nanny going all the way back to Henry VIII. My question…Is there actually a person that only changes diapers?

Even though the main characters aren’t actually named, I imagined them as Will and Kate the whole time. I mean come on, the dad flies a helicopter. I think as Hucklebaby gets older he’s going to like the diaper humor. He is a boy after all. How great are these illustrations?


Sidenote: I’m not sure why the Queen is smiling though. Have you ever seen her smile?

I’m going to look for other British Royals children’s books. I don’t think I even knew they existed before this book. Now I know the story isn’t real…but wouldn’t it be neat if it were? An inside look into the family that I would love to be included in. Don’t tell anyone but Kate is my BFF. Shhhh.

I’m on a tea kick too. Every time I go to Home Goods I head right over to the tea section. I keep adding on. I’m drawn mostly to Black and Green teas but will try most all of them. I’m still looking for a hidden gem.

These are in my rotation this week. Even though they are from India, I still feel British drinking them. Just go with the theme people.


Tulsi Tea. It’s nice and strong which I like. I think I’m going to save the Chai for the fall. It tastes like Christmas to me. I’m not sure if that makes sense but it is a nice alternative in the fall to Hot Chocolate.

I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but the southern girl in me likes cold tea most of the time. Breakfast tea = hot. Nighttime tea = hot.Image

Rest of the day = iced. Both green teas are awesome this way. Of course it has to be in one of my trusty Tervis tumblers.

Since 1999, ORGANIC INDIA has worked with thousands of family farmers in India, creating sustainable communities through fair-market agriculture. The company has provided with health care, education, gender equality and empowerment programs through their 50 premium herbal teas, supplements and personal products rooted in Ayurvedic medicine.

If I am going to drink tea, I like knowing it helps out different communities. Right? A good feeling tea.

I have a few other teas I’m excited about trying out on my counter at the moment too, but I think I need to finish a few open boxes before I open another box, or by anymore for that matter.

Yet another sidenote: I wish more teas came in those metal tea canisters.


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