Hucklebaby’s Book Club

I’ve been storing these two books away waiting for our next trip to the beach to post a review…but for some reason we have not been able to make it. Can you believe that? A whole summer month with no trip to the water. That’s what happens when you live in Florida. Life gets in the way. Now it’s mid-October and I must write about these books.

Who knew Jim Carrey was writing children’s books? Did you know? I didn’t.


First of all let me point out that the illustrations by Rob Nason are amazing. Each page is simply beautiful. There is even a special fold-out center fold in the middle of the book to show the main character (Roland the Wave).

Roland is a wave, who is afraid that once he hits the shore, his life will be over. Pretty deep huh. Not to worry, the book is extremely uplifting. He falls in love with a seagull that loves to get wet and they experience their worst fears (getting to shore) together.

The text on each page keeps little ones interested in what is going on too. Every page has something to grab the readers attention, between the illustrations and text it really is a piece of art.


As you guessed, Roland does make it to shore…and there realizes that he is so much more than just a wave. He is the whole ocean. He is much bigger than he ever believed himself to be. He is special.


I had no idea until I reached the end of the book that the illustrator actually used pictures of Jim Carrey for the surfer on a few of the pages. After I saw that and looked back at the pictures I couldn’t believe I didn’t connect the dots myself. I love that they included this in the book too. It’s a great example to show how the author and illustrator work together to create a book.


On a similar note, Fuzzwippers by Marilynn Halas, is beach themed too. On this one Alexandria and Fuzzany (her very own Fuzzwipper) go on a trip to Hawaii.


This book really discusses a character’s feelings page by page. From going on a long trip, to trying a new adventure of surfing. My favorite part of the book is the message from the Fuzzwippers. To sum it up, “Everyplace has an amazing adventure waiting, and learning something new means never giving up.”

The last page also points out that no matter what…YOU ARE LOVED.


I’m thinking this could easily turn into a huge series, kids have so many new experiences all the time, the Fuzzwippers can too. In case you were wondering the Fuzzwippers are creatures that reach out to anyone who needs to be assured that they are wanted and needed. You can see by this illustration of the children on surf boards they each have their own Fuzzwippers. It’s almost like the Fuzzwippers are the internal voice of the other characters.  They say the things that the children characters are probably thinking. It’s only easier to have a furry little creature saying it. As Hucklebaby gets older I could see getting those fuzzy pom-poms from the craft store and creating our own Fuzzwippers for him to take with him on a day he might be nervous about something. So he knows he’s not alone and that no matter what, everything will be ok. Every time he feels or see it he knows that he will always be loved. It’s such a great message no matter how old you are.



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