Hamilton Beach Durathon Review and Giveaway

OK…this was a bit strange to me but when Hamilton Beach reached out to me wanting to know if I would review their new Durathon Iron…I said sure, but in my mind I was thinking…what is there to review? You plug it in, it heats up, you iron things. Was I missing something?


I’ve never been an ironing type gal. The dryer was my solution to wrinkles. It absolutely drives my husband crazy. I would be happy leaving all of my clothes in the dryer and turning it on each morning before I get something out. Very dorm room,  don’t you think? But I do use my iron when I’m crafting. I learned that tip from my grandmother. Don’t take the easy fast way out because you can always tell in the end. Don’t be lazy about it.

I think the iron I’ve had –  I got in high school, when my mom refused to iron anything…(I blame her for my lack of pressed clothes). It’s almost embarrassing now to look at it.


Gross. At least the faceplate shows I’ve used it right??? I haven’t recently because it either leaves brown marks on my clothes or something that looks salty. Regardless…I guess it was time for a new iron.


Thank goodness I got the Durathon when I did. Honestly when I pulled it out of the box before I even used it, I started laughing because this seemed like such fancy-dancy iron. How had I lived so long without it? An iron I didn’t have to wrap the cord around? Shut up. There is not one thing I don’t love about this iron. Well, I would love it more if it actually ironed without me having to do anything…but that’s a whole other topic.

Seriously…how old is your iron??? It’s not something you ever really think about is it? Hiding in the shadows just waiting for you to dust her off for an amazing craft project, or lord help you…to actually press a pair of pants. Would you love a brand new iron from Hamilton Beach??? Well you are in luck! This is a giveaway!


To enter all you have to do is : Follow this awesomely lovely blog and comment below or follow and like/comment on my Instagram page @mariannafrances for the Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron Giveaway. One winner will be randomly selected on Saturday March 22nd. Good luck…


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