I want Electric eyes…

So after flipping through my new Ulta catalog I see this Urban Decay Electric Palette. I’m in serious lust. I want it. I need it. My life won’t be complete without it. The colors are so bright and ridiculous.
I told myself no, I don’t need it. When will I wear these colors? It’s not like I’m a young sprout that can pull it off… But I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve walked by Ulta a couple of times since this obsession began and have avoided going in.

So instead of spending $50 for the other one I gave in at Walgreens and for a little over $10 grabbed these vibrant beauties.

I was hoping that they would fulfill my need for color.

Nope. Didn’t do it. I mean I will use it and the colors are OK at best. I was hoping for more pigment. In order for me to get even a good amount of color I had to layer it on and it dusted all over my cheeks. Not my favorite thing to do. So again I’m still thinking about that palette.

As for the Wet and Wild liquid eyeliner… For $2.99 I can’t complain. It’s what I should expect to get. The purple one does seem a little watery. The blue Rimmel stick I’m happy about. Very smooth and pigmented.


On a sidenote: I’m still loving my Chella blue eyeliner from my March Ipsy bag. I can’t wait to grab more of these.


I can’t avoid Ulta that much longer.


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