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Summer is OFFICIALLY here!!! Duck and Goose Beach Party

Hucklebaby LOVES Duck and Goose. When I say love, I mean he walks around the house say Duck, Duck, Duck…when he wants to read one of Tad Hills’ books. Until now he only had the board books ‘Feelings’ and ‘1,2,3’.

But now we have ‘Duck and Goose Go To The Beach’.



I know this sounds weird to people that don’t live near the ocean but we don’t go to the beach that often…mater of fact I think it has been a year since we have been. We only go when we have visitors…and now with the Fourth of July almost here, we are gearing up to head back to the beach.

I love watching Hucklebaby sit and go through new books. Ohhh-ing and Ahhh-ing at the pictures and yelling Duck as he is pointing to his favorite character.





He wanted to make sure he waved by to the camera when he was done with the book.  He still puts up with all of my picture taking. I’m sure that will end any day now.



The friendship between Duck and Goose is adorable…I only wish their little bird wings could look like they were holding hands. I can only imagine what they are thinking as they are standing there looking out from the dune.

Hucklebaby and I were also able to talk about some animals we might see at the beach although I’m really hoping crabs aren’t on the list.



Side note: The only way I could get him to get in the car after reading this book…was to take Duck with us. We love you Tad Hills.



So if you or your little one would like a chance to have your very own copy of  Tad Hill’s ‘Duck and Goose Go To The Beach’ simply leave a comment about what your favorite part of the beach is.

For a double chance to win follow me on Instagram @mariannafrances and comment on the Duck and Goose Giveaway post.


5 thoughts on “Summer is OFFICIALLY here!!! Duck and Goose Beach Party”

  1. As a former teacher, I love books, and so does my daughter.
    As someone who was born and raised in S. FL, I have done my time at the beach. When I come back to visit, we usually don’t even go to the beach. But a book about the beach sounds delightful!

  2. We started going to Bathtub beach this summer and my 6 year old has learned to snorkel and my 21 month old loves splashing in the water! 🙂

  3. My current favorite things about the beach is how much Logan likes the taste of the salt. He will eat a bit of his sandy sandwich then lick his salty arm after each bit! I need to video it. There’s even a “yumm” after each lick!

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