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I Found the Perfect Kid Gift….


That’s it. That’s the perfect gift. OK…hear me out.

Before I had Hucklebaby I really never knew about the “kid birthday circuit”. Yes, it exists and once you are in it…you have to accept it. That means there are endless amounts of birthdays for all of your “new mommy friends” kids, some months…every weekend. Let me point out, Hucklebaby is still only one. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like as he gets older.

As I go to these parties, I see toys. Tons of toys. Toys that I’m sure will be long forgotten by the time the next birthday rolls around. That got me thinking. I don’t want to buy toys anymore. (let’s not talk about books as gifts right now)

I was thinking this exact thought when I got a party invitation to my nephew Conner’s Iron Man Birthday party. He’s turning 5. Because he lives in Maryland  I honestly have no idea what toys he has in his collection.

So as I stood looking at rows of action figures and hoping I didn’t buy one he already had, I shrugged my shoulders. The last thing I wanted to do in that moment was get into a text conversation about, “Well, does he have this? What about this? Do you think he would like…” I gave up. I walked out of the store. Just walked out. No toys, no gift.


That’s when I walked into Learning Express (I can never pass it without going in). I was looking for something pirate related, because speaking of birthday’s thats the theme of Hucklebaby’s 2nd party…but anyway….

As I was walking around I saw this. It was a display for their personalization services. Not bad…

They had a whole bunch of different sized cases that could be personalized at no extra charge. I’m liking this. (I want to say it was about $15 for the case)


My thinking is this. I can get Conner a “brief case”, that’s what the label called it and I thought it added to the cuteness. To carry his toys, or art supplies, whatever he happens to be enjoying at that moment. It can stay at home, or go in the car…he can travel with it. It can become whatever he wants it to be. He can keep his favorite things safe and hide things under his bed in it. This is better than an ol’ action figure.


Ok.Ok.OK. So the brief case isn’t the only thing I got him…I filled it with a few things from the Target Dollar spot. I mean who wants to get an empty brief case? But, they were more practical items. 3 pair of super hero socks, pencils and notepad, a Dinosaur work book and a box of rice. Rice???


Since Conner is so young, and lives so far away. Somehow he has never learned Uncle Bill. He picked up Uncle Ben somehow…and we just kinda rolled with it as a family joke. So presenting….a Box of Uncle Ben’s Rice.


So here you have it. The perfect gift… and all under $20. Not so bad.


Sidenote: if you invite me to a birthday party within the next year or so…I’ll bring a briefcase with me. 🙂


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