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Valentine Cookies

Sometimes I see Charm City Cake products at Target and I think about grabbing a few and for some reason, I don’t think I have until now. As I was walking around the Valentine section these jumped out at me. While I’m sure I could make much better fresh strawberry cookies…I wanted to make sure I am still doing projects with Hucklebaby with a new kiddo in the house. Plus, only one week in with two kids, I’m still juggling my time and sleep. Hucklebaby has been incredibly sweet to his new baby brother and I absolutely melt when I watch them together.

I knew he would enjoy these, especially after his Valentine’s Day Party at school.    

There are three things in the box so look carefully. Cookie mix, mini chocolate chips and a tiny food coloring packet. I almost threw this away, it was stuck to the very bottom.

This dough was difficult for little hands to mix and got stuck in the whisk almost immediately. For adults this is fine, but for my little guy he got frustrated, so we had to dig out the dough a few times with a fork. He did enjoy that part though.

Time for the mini chocolate chips. Not gonna lie, not all of them made it in the batter. He asked to “try” a few and I couldn’t say no. 🙂

I’m big on working on his fine motor skills and using a cookie scoop is perfect for this. 

As you can see placement on the cookie sheet is still something we are working on. He’s not too concerned with the cookies baking together. 

In fact…he decided he wanted to make a crocodile instead of boring cookie balls…and why not. He was excited, so who am I to say no. This was his project and I love that he was being creative.

My only concern was how it would bake the large it got…but it was a learning experience for both of us. 

Sidenote: The food coloring is not forgiving…so if you don’t want pink hands all afternoon…don’t use it.

The finished product. Even though they were all shapes and sizes and not uniform at all, they all baked all the way through. The strawberry was not overpowering and mostly just tasted like a chocolate chip cookie with a little flavoring. I’m not crazy about them though. They left an artificial flavor in my mouth for a good amount of time after I ate them. I get that they have artificial flavor, but I had to eat something else to get the faint strawberry flavoring out of my mouth.

Would I buy them again…no. It makes me question if I want to try other Duff products…but I’ll probably give them another chance. If the next one gas the same after taste I’ll stay away.

And for those of you curious about the Crocodile cookie. It came out perfectly cooked… 🙂


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