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Pete the Cat – Personalized!!!! 

Until I worked in an Elementary School Library…I had no idea how popular Pete the Cat really was. I believe it’s because at the start of the school year most primary teachers use him in their lessons. The kids get to know his character and they instantly fall in love with him. All books “Pete the Cat” were in high demand all year, even the Christmas Pete the Cat.

I never was able to find my name on any of those trinkets in the store, and unfortunately I don’t think my boys are going to be able to fine their names either. That’s why I love Put Me In The Story.

You can add pretty much any name you want…as you can see I added Hucklebaby!!! I absolutely love it. Not only did I add his name, but I was able to add his picture too! He absolutely loved it when he saw himself in the book. I mean…honestly…any kid would love it!

Even though this book uses a lot of sunglasses references, I love seeing characters that have glasses on. It wasn’t ever anything I paid attention to until Hucklebaby started wearing glasses. The older he gets the more he notices who has glasses and who doesn’t.

If I was still a primary teacher I think it would be awesome to get a few personalized books for class. Every teacher has favorite books they use year after year…adding their name would make it a little more special. It’s a great idea for a teachers gift too, now that I think about it.

He’s reading the book to Pete… an absolutely perfect way to end the night.


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