Coolest little gift…for real though…

OK… so I honestly had no idea what these little guys were. I see gnomes and right now I want them. Is a ‘gnome phase’ a real thing? Discuss…

Anyway, I just saw them and thought they would be a great addition to my Christmas gnomes. They are Gnoments – the mix between Gnomes and moments.

I mean seriously, how cute are these guys?

I wasn’t expecting them to come with a book…or directions… I mean, they are gnomes…

Sidenote: they hold hands!!! Like seriously, they hold hands with a magnet. Anytime they get close to each other they reach out for the other. I can’t even… 

So I’m flipping through the book expecting a cute little gnome story about the two of them. Possibly a little backstory about how they met and had a gagillion children. Nope. Not here…

What I did find, was the coolest gift idea ever. I can’t even begin to explain to you how they work… but all I know is that these are perfect for a scavenger hunt. Think about wrapping one of these guys or leaving them in the tree… for the larger gift to be hidden somewhere else. The gnomes give you hints of where you need to go or what you need to do.

Say what?  Quick little video… if you have a gnoment… (I totally laughed at that). 

They both have these adorable little rear pockets. Hide a note inside or use your phone to scan the chip that is on the inside. 

I was going to try to explain it myself… but why reinvent the wheel… 

Come find me!!! I’m sitting at a surprise restaurant waiting for you, drink in hand with stunning earrings. (hint, hint)

I can’t wait to use them with the boys too. Creating a scavenger hunt for Hucklebaby to do.The possibilities are endless.

Can you tell how excited I am about these. They are such a fun idea…especially for those people who are impossible to surprise, or for the person who already has everything.


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