My Baby Shower “Go-To”

As a new mom, the world is scary. Honestly, the world is still scary as a not so new mom.

When I found out I was pregnant, I took to the internet. I wanted to know all of the things I had to get. I was going to get all of them.

I did. With my first son, I had All. The. Things.

Man… it was a lot.

I was swimming in things that I never used. It was all a waste of money. You live and learn right.

As I was rocking my little one surrounded by baby toys and tools that I never used, I came to the realization that I honestly needed 5 things. That’s it.

I’ve used Butt Paste since day one. I will say the hospital did send me home with samples of something else, but it didn’t make a lasting impression on me and even with a stack of coupons I opted for Boudreaux’s.

Anytime I go to a baby shower this is one of my go-to gifts. Why? Because I know it works and I know that the new mom will actually use it. So many gifts at showers I look at and automatically know they will never be used. Any other experienced mom thinks the same thing?

If you aren’t sure what to get… or want to make sure you are getting them something they will use, here it is. Grab it on Amazon too! The perfect gift right to your door. It doesn’t get easier.

Something that I’m absolutely loving is the butt brush. I do not, repeat do not like rash cream under my fingernails. This keeps my hands clean and gets the cream exactly where it needs to be.

My toddler has super sensitive skin. Both of my boys do. My youngest one asks for the “red tube”, that’s the maximum strength. He even knows how well is works.

Have a new mom in your life? This is the perfect gift to grab, the name will put a smile on their face too. Keep up the great work Butt Paste!

“I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

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