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Candy Cookies – Make These Tonight

With as much as I am a sugar addict… I know when there is too much in my house. I also know I have to get it out as quickly as possible.

This candy has become a problem.

The kids ask for it everyday, I eat it everyday… and somehow it hasn’t made a dent in it. I’m swimming in sugary candy goodness. It’s a love hate relationship.

Here’s a simple way to use your candy quickly without the quilt of sitting in a dark closet, hiding from your kids, eating your feelings. Ummmmm… nevermind.

Candy Cookies or Garbage Cookies –  super easy to make and honestly takes less than 15 minutes TOTAL. Yep, total.

This is a totally lazy mom late night snack. I’m not ashamed. They are yummy, and I cheat to speed up the process.

I haven’t quite figured out what is wrong with me but I can’t make a descent sugar cookie to save my life. I’ve tried, I promise.

I’ve admitted defeat and grab a store mix off of the shelf. It never lets me down.

Add butter and an egg and you are good to go.

You need to add about 2 cups of “cut up” candy. Full disclosure, I’ve never made these with non-chocolate candies. I haven’t been drawn to the Sour Patch Kids and Skittles in a cookie idea. But if it sounds good to you, go for it.

Chop, cut, smash. Make it small and mix it in. Done. That’s it. Just bake.

Some of the candies will melt more than others. If you have something with carmel, just know that will run out on the baking sheet. The cookie still tastes amazing… but doesn’t look that great.

I always scoop my cookies with an ice cream scoop. I have had better luck that way. You can roll them out with your hand or drop them with a spoon. Don’t roll these. They will always be bumpy.

Something I should have mentioned earlier, you don’t want to overwork the candy. What I mean is once you fold the chocolate in, leave it alone. The more you mix it, the more the candy will fall apart. You want to be able to tell what type of candy it is when you are eating the cookie. So fold it in and set your spoon down.

I grabbed these bags at Hobby Lobby. They always have such cute baking packaging, make sure to pull up the coupon on your phone if they aren’t on sale.

Of course we have to deliver some of these to the neighbors. Get the candy OUT!

These are also the perfect addition to you Friendsgiving get together.

I already know I’m making a second batch of these this weekend. Who wants some?


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