Groundhog Day Goodies

Ready to have your mind blown? A Groundhog is the same thing as a Woodchuck. Baaammm!!! Well, I had no idea.

Do you celebrate Groundhog Day at your house? I feel like it must be a bigger deal in northern states, where they actually have a winter. I’ve been loving our winter here in South Florida – yes, my toes actually get cold when I wear my flip-flops. No polar vortex.

So my first memory of Groundhog Day was going to see the movie on a snow day from school when I lived in Kansas City. I went with one of my favorite 5th-grade friends and her dad, I sometimes wonder where she is now. Shoutout to you Megan.

Making days like this special to my little ones, I always want to find something fast and easy that can make an impact. This is something that I can each year, no matter what I have in the house.

I will say my toast may look like any type of rodent, we are going to say it’s a Groundhog for today… and then a beaver on Beaver Day (is that a thing?).

So this is something I don’t want you to think has to be exactly like this. Take a look in your cabinets and see what you may already have. Bread and peanut butter? You are already off to a great start.

Here is my work in progress. I wasn’t happy with my raisin nose, so switched it with grapes. It’s a great way to get your kids creative in the kitchen too. Play around with all of your ingredients. Ask your kids what they think would make a great nose or full cheeks. I’m sure they will come up with something you may have never thought of.

Here is my mess. Or as I call it, my work in progress. No heat at all, and other than cutting a banana (which I let both my sons do already) there is nothing to chop.

Remember those Valentine cookies I made? I pulled out those Mallow Bites for little Groundhog teeth. Chocolate chips I always have on hand, peanuts and Nilla wafers… Let’s build a rodent.

Now I finally have something to use those monster eyes from the last birthday party we had.

Laying out all of the ingredients like this was the best idea because my son was able to see all of the pieces and create his groundhog the way he wanted.

I can’t even handle the cuteness overload on our different Groundhogs.

They are all perfect…and didn’t last long…

Time to cozy up with a Groundhog Day book and treat.


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