Oil Dyed Easter Eggs- Does it work?

Continuing on with my quest to find a fun and easy Easter Egg project… I moved on to oil dyed Easter Eggs. I honestly picked this one because I already had all of the supplies I needed at the house. Anyone else get excited when that happens?

This was also the first time I used color gels instead of the standard food coloring drops.

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Hidden Mickey Easter Nests

I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime in the last year… I see Hidden Mickey’s everywhere. If you aren’t familiar with what a Hidden Mickey is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Finding the outline of Mickey in unusual places. Continue reading “Hidden Mickey Easter Nests”

I Tried Making Silk Dyed Easter Eggs…

So usually this time of year Pinterest is filled with pages and pages of beautifully dyed Easter eggs that seem a bit too good to be true. Each year I tell myself I’m not going to wait till the last minute to see if any of them actually work. Like in real life.

The Silk Dyed egg tutorials seemed easy enough, and I made sure to read through 2 or 3 different postings. They were all the same. Except one had an extra step. I’ll note that as I go through how my trial with six eggs went.

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Screen Free Car Activities for your Kids

Keeping your kids occupied and happy in the car is hard. The older they get, I’m hoping it may get easier… but honestly, right now it feels like a job.

Screen-free that is. I know that there are tons of apps that would probably save my sanity, as well as the DVD players that go around the headrests. But I want my kids to look out the window. To be bored. To listen to the radio. To ask questions. To see something they have never seen before.

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Rainbow Candy Grapes

I didn’t realize how popular these grapes would be as I was making them. It seemed that as fast as I could make them my boys were walking by and grabbing them.

They are a super simple and quick snack to make for a bunch of different occasions. The great thing about these is that you can customize the colors that you use.

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Spring Break Camp – The Palm Beach Zoo

One of the things I honestly never thought about before becoming a parent was where my kids were going to go on non-school days. It’s not on any parenting list, they just show up. I loved those random days as a kid… something fun and different, but now as a parent I’m like … OK… another day that I need to plan.

It can be a bit stressful. Where are they going to go? How are they going to get there? How will it change our schedule? AND… how do I keep them away from screens (which is a problem I’m encountering more and more).

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5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people LOVE or hate, simple because they can’t think of what to give or what to do.

Have no fear… here are a few simple and fun ideas to make sure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.

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Three Easy Ways To Have Your Kids Help Around the House

Kids can do chores. (Insert gasp here…)

Yes! They are capable of doing much more than most parents expect these days.

I remember when I was in Kindergarten doing chores. You probably did too.

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