A Day At the Palm Beach Zoo

We received a special invite to tour and explore the Palm Beach Zoo…

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An Easy Way To Make Your Own Snow

The rest of the country is covered in SNOW!!!! We have none. I’m probably the only person in Florida that is sad about that.

I know this isn’t as fun as the real stuff… but it leaves your yard smelling great after you are done playing with it. True story… Bill just walked in the house complimenting how our yard smells. Too funny. Continue reading “An Easy Way To Make Your Own Snow”

#tbt- Krispy Kreme Halloween

I’ve been considering upgrading my phone. I still have the iPhone 5. Yes, 5. I didn’t think that was a problem…but randomly this past week everyone has had some sort of comment about it. I mean, it’s not a flip phone… but it got me going through my photos to make sure everything is synced in case I do decide to upgrade. Continue reading “#tbt- Krispy Kreme Halloween”

Disney Springs – TREX Cafe

Because it’s summertime Hucklebaby was able to spend last week with his grandparents, so we drove to North Central Florida this morning to pick him up (it’s been so quiet without him around). “Little H” will go with him in a few years, but right now he gets grandparent week all to himself. Continue reading “Disney Springs – TREX Cafe”

Adventure in Your Area – Get Out of The House

You know what happens when kids are out of school??? My kids run around pants-less and we veg out. It’s nice for a few days and then there is a not-so-magical moment when it switches… and the house starts to close in on us. Sometimes I think there can’t be anything out in the world near us that we haven’t already done. Continue reading “Adventure in Your Area – Get Out of The House”

Construction Zone

Sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic living in a rental. It is what it is…but as I get older and look around there are a lot of changes I want to make.

When we moved in there was this awkward dirt pit on our back porch. I guess the people before us had an in-ground hot tub…unfortunately it cracked and when we moved in the hole was only filled in with dirt. At first I thought it would be awesome to put a garden there. Yeah. That didn’t work out. I didn’t realize how much the screen would effect the sunlight coming in…but that’s a different story. Continue reading “Construction Zone”

Literacy on the Water – Toddler Style

I love looking at mom pages on Facebook for different weekend events…and not too long I saw this one. I usually screenshot them and when Saturday rolls around I can flip through the pictures and see all of the events I was interested in throughout the week, instead of searching through all of the groups and pages again. If I don’t screenshot it when I see it..I will never remember it or be able to find it again. Continue reading “Literacy on the Water – Toddler Style”

Hucklebaby’s Toddler Travels

I was scared. I was scared for a long time. I wasn’t ready for Hucklebaby to fly. Not because I was scared of flying…but because I was scared of being “those people”. You know who I’m talking about. The people you see at the airport that you secretly pray you won’t have to sit beside because they have “that kid”. Yeah. I was scared. I didn’t want to be them and I had a pit in my stomach that I would be. Continue reading “Hucklebaby’s Toddler Travels”