Happy National Pie Day – Southern Chess Pie

I have a love and hate relationship with pie. I either LOVE a pie to no end, or won’t touch it. Most pie crusts I’m not a fan of. Weird right? Maybe that’s my next project, to make a pie crust I like. Continue reading “Happy National Pie Day – Southern Chess Pie”


Cheesecake Confetti Crescent

I had every intention of making a cheesecake today. I didn’t have the energy… and I’m tired of the ones from the store (how is that even possible). I wanted to make something with the boys but knew there was no way I was leaving to go get ingredients, so I needed to make something using what I already had. Time to dig around. Continue reading “Cheesecake Confetti Crescent”

Super Easy Chocolate Covered Gummies

An easy way to save money on holiday goodies is to grab Halloween candy in November, when it is super cheap. It’s great to keep on hand for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t worry about the Halloween shapes, once you start baking with it, it all becomes chocolate goodness. Here is a simple, kid-friendly project that takes less than 15 minutes. Continue reading “Super Easy Chocolate Covered Gummies”

Clean Out Cookies 

Most times on the weekends I like to try and do some sort of “project” in the kitchen with Hucklebaby. I can’t tell you how inspired I get by Pinterest baking projects and how I want to do EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of them. Most times I have great intentions but get tired of all the steps about halfway through. I’m betting it’s because of my impatient 4 year old helper. Continue reading “Clean Out Cookies “

My Husband Doesn’t Like Lemon Desserts

I’ve known my husband for 6 years and for some reason this weekend when I said I was going to make Lemon-Lime Truffles he informed me he doesn’t like lemon desserts….huh??? You’ve got to be kidding me. So instead of Lemon-Lime Truffles I told him I was making Lime Truffles. What he doesn’t know… Continue reading “My Husband Doesn’t Like Lemon Desserts”

My Cake Balls

Before I ever saw the cake ball machines that are everywhere I started making my own version of cake balls (I still have never used one of the machines). Cake balls, the kind I make, are probably one of my favorite desserts simply because they don’t taste like anything else you can pick up at the store. They are super easy to make but the first few batches do take a bit of time to create. Working with the fondant is the hardest part. Continue reading “My Cake Balls”