How to Help Your Child at School 

Once I became a parent my view on education completely changed. Not unlike other teachers who are parents… I started seeing things from both sides and wishing I could tell parents what I know to be true. Continue reading “How to Help Your Child at School “


Pete the Cat – Personalized!!!! 

Until I worked in an Elementary School Library…I had no idea how popular Pete the Cat really was. I believe it’s because at the start of the school year most primary teachers use him in their lessons. The kids get to know his character and they instantly fall in love with him. All books “Pete the Cat” were in high demand all year, even the Christmas Pete the Cat. Continue reading “Pete the Cat – Personalized!!!! “

Hucklebaby Book Club – Fred Friday

Hucklebaby is really into “monsters” at the moment. So anything that looks like a monster (friendly kind) he wants to see…talk about…look at…

Another weird reason I love this book…is my grandfather’s name was Fred. It’s such a simple name, but to me, it is filled with an amazing amount of love. Continue reading “Hucklebaby Book Club – Fred Friday”

After Testing Fun – Peeps and Eggs

State testing…who doesn’t love it?

After the kiddos sit for hours in silence doing their absolute best on state tests (hopefully)…I like doing something fun and a little out if the ordinary with them. Last week we were gearing up for Easter and as soon as I pulled out Peeps, I had their attention. Continue reading “After Testing Fun – Peeps and Eggs”

You get a chick…You get a chick…

There is one teacher in my school that hatches chicks every year. It’s such a cool thing for the kiddos to experience and I always wanted to do that with my kids. I finally asked her where she gets the eggs from…and I’m so mad that I waited so long to ask. Our Florida 4-H program gives you everything you need. All I had to do was contact them and they delivered it right to the room. Continue reading “You get a chick…You get a chick…”

Summer is OFFICIALLY here!!! Duck and Goose Beach Party

Hucklebaby LOVES Duck and Goose. When I say love, I mean he walks around the house say Duck, Duck, Duck…when he wants to read one of Tad Hills’ books. Until now he only had the board books ‘Feelings’ and ‘1,2,3’.

But now we have ‘Duck and Goose Go To The Beach’. Continue reading “Summer is OFFICIALLY here!!! Duck and Goose Beach Party”

Book Review: A Bucket of Blessings

I love anytime we get new books in the room. I don’t think that feeling will ever get old, so when I was asked to review –  A Bucket of Blessings by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Segal (mother and son) –  I absolutely said yes. I love being able to share a new book with the kids and get them excited too. I even bring it in still in the envelope from the “author” because he knows our class is so special. Continue reading “Book Review: A Bucket of Blessings”

End of the Year Kindergarten ABC Countdown -Week 1

So last week as I was going through my Sunday blog reading I found several teachers doing an ABC countdown. What? This is my first year in Kindergarten so sometimes I forget fun cute things like this. I knew I needed to start it right away. I liked the ideas I saw but wanted to add on to them. Continue reading “End of the Year Kindergarten ABC Countdown -Week 1”

Imaginary Animals Painting Project – Beezus and Ramona

I’ve started reading chapter books to my kiddos during their snack time. When I first started they weren’t crazy about books with no pictures but they have slowly started telling me what they see in their minds as we are reading. Exactly what I wanted. The first chapter book I read was Pippy Longstockings. I only picked it because I remember how much I loved it. After retreading it with them, I probably won’t do it with my next class. The language was a little too “old”. Our second book is Beezus and Ramona. Much easier for them to follow plus I’ve noticed there are activities I can tie in with the book. This I am truly excited about. Continue reading “Imaginary Animals Painting Project – Beezus and Ramona”

My Very Own Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Patch

I already started brainstorming what I could get all of the members of my school’s hospitality “club”. Since I am in charge this year…I’m always thinking about what I need to do. ALWAYS. Food seems to be the easy go-to, but teachers are always on a diet. ALWAYS. I thought this could be a cute and cheap alternative. There will be candy and sweets everywhere. Hopefully they will think these are cute. I didn’t make that many starting out because I wanted to see if I actually could make them. Continue reading “My Very Own Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Patch”